“Queer Tropics” at Pelican Bomb Gallery X

“Queer Tropics”
Pelican Bomb Gallery X (New Orleans, LA)
November 16, 2017–February 25, 2018

Curated by Charlie Tatum and Cameron Shaw

Pelican Bomb presents “Queer Tropics,” a group exhibition that considers the abstract idea of the tropics and how that vision has been created, reinforced, and confronted.

“Queer Tropics” features artworks that examine the visual and cultural systems through which one imagines the tropics as a site of leisure, sensuality, and play. New Orleans, which is often colloquially called “the northernmost Caribbean city,” is a particularly important location from which to reflect on the interconnectedness of aesthetics, tourism, and the body and the relationships between the United States, Europe, and the Global South. Alongside the exhibition, Pelican Bomb’s Art Review features a thematic series of reviews, essays, interviews, and digital artist projects to expand the conversation.

“Queer Tropics” is organized by Pelican Bomb as a satellite exhibition of “Prospect.4: The Lotus in Spite of the Swamp.”