“2 Freaky 2 Friday” at Pelican Bomb Gallery X

“2 Freaky 2 Friday”
Pelican Bomb Gallery X (New Orleans, LA)
August 5–September 18, 2016
Curated by Amanda Brinkman, Cameron Shaw, and Charlie Tatum

Pelican Bomb presents “2 Freaky 2 Friday,” a group exhibition centered around contemporary conceptions of female celebrity. The exhibition examines the ways women’s public images are created, presented, and consumed. It is particularly interested in the shifts linked to the digital proliferation and manipulation of images in the late 1990s, when the Internet went from a little-used resource to a household utility. Artists include Hannah Black, Sara Clugage, Raque Ford, Faith Holland, E. Jane, Jennifer Mills, Tameka Norris, and Brice Peterson.

The exhibition’s title references Freaky Friday, the 1976 American comedy where a daughter and mother switch bodies and experience each other’s lives firsthand. The film, itself based on a novel by Mary Rodgers, was remade for television in 1995 and remade again in 2003 with teen starlet Lindsay Lohan. This most recent version was produced just before the apex of Lohan’s critical and commercial success, which began to sharply decline only a few years later as partying and legal troubles transformed her into unrelenting tabloid fodder.